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Welcome to Gazooba LLC

Travelling to Japan for a vehicle purchase in person can be difficult. Taking part in an online auto auction allows you to shop for all types of vehicles from cars and trucks, to SUVs and classics from the comfort of your home.
Gazooba hosts online auto auctions that allow people from all over the world to purchase and import low-priced vehicles. Whether the vehicle is being used for personal use or as a way to expand a company's fleet of cars, our online auto auctions provide you with the venue you need to find vehicles available at bargain prices.
Welcome to Gazooba LLC

Why Buy Used Cars from Japan Auction?

  • Buy a Car Way below Market price
  • No Hidden Fee
  • No Pushy Salesperson
  • Wide Range of Stock
  • Pre Inspected Vehicles
  • Get What You See

5 Steps

to buy used cars from Auction


Access Live Auctions

Register for Free & get access to Live Auto Auctions

Make a Bid Request

Make a bid request and pay deposit to Gazooba

Purchase from Auction

Upon successful bidding, purchase is secured

Make final payment

Send the balance payment for car to our Japan Bank Account

Shipping & Documents

Shipment by first available ship & documents by courier

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