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About Us

Welcome to Gazooba LLC
We buy and export used cars from Japan Auto Auctions, on behalf of our clients worldwide, with the use of our professional and comprehensive procedure, based on our experience of many years, which enables us to complete your order safely and with no issues. Gazooba is an authorized Japanese Used Car Dealer.
On our website you will find an easy access to all used cars auction houses in Japan, a display of 1 million used cars a month, that will allow you to carefully search through the Japanese market and choose the best offer.

Free Membership

Everyone can become a member for free. We mean 100% free-no hidden registration charges like processing, or anything else. Our members are not only looking for the best deal on a car, they're looking for the best deal to participate in an auction. Gazooba offers you both. We do not charge our clients the sales tax or the recycle tax like many other exporters do. We offer our services for a small commission and promise a transparent deal from bidding to shipping.


We are shipping vehicles worldwide, to all destinations by Ro-Ro and by Containers.
During the procedure of importing a vehicle from Japan, we will inform you about the current progress of the transaction. We will send you information when the vehicle leaves the Japanese port and when it is reaching port of destination. We will also inform you about the date of sending the documents and send you the tracking number.

Customer Support

Our customer service agents are some of the most experienced in the industry and have helped thousands of people buy vehicles at the lowest prices anywhere. Our members get real-time support and help with bidding, negotiating, payment, and shipping advice. Our agents understand that many people are not familiar with online car auctions, and although the process is streamlined and simple, there can still be questions. Talking with an understanding expert gives our members yet another advantage to save money.

The Mission of Gazooba

"Our mission is to ensure a safe and a legal business route for Japan Auction Cars to the global market."

Get the Gazooba Advantage

With the help of Gazooba, everyone can access Japan Auto Auctions and purchase any vehicle at a wholesale price, and we help you bid on any car of your choosing. Click Here to register. It's Free.