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Brand New Cars

GAZOOBA can source and export the prestige luxury and performance car of your dreams from Japan. Exporting a brand new Japanese car can be a challenge, but there's plenty of help, if you know where to look for it.
Brand new car export from Japan can be both exciting and daunting. It can be exciting because there are a wide number of car manufacturers and heaps of types to choose from. It can be daunting because car prices tend to be higher and the whole thing has to be handled in a strange language. It can further be intimidating to know that one cannot buy car directly from the manufacturer. One has to go to the local dealers for help and they are not allowed to sell the car for export purposes.
Luckily there is still a way to buy a new vehicle for export purposes and bring the price down. The only legal way to export a brand new vehicle is to buy a brand new car and register it for a few days, then immediately deregister it. This turns the car into a used car in Japan on registration papers but in reality it is still a brand new car. This little trick allows us to export a brand new car to overseas.
GAZOOBA is connected to many new car dealers who sell all makes and types, and we can offer brand new cars in any quantity, to any destination in the world.
Some exporters, who deal in brand new cars, ask a 20 to 30% upfront deposit in cash, while GAZOOBA can accept payment on 100% Letter of Credit basis and no cash deposits at all.
We can also buy brand new cars from auctions although a very small number of brand new cars appear in an auction house for sale. Most of these vehicles are the Display Cars from showrooms. You have a chance to buy a car far below the market price.
When it comes to exporting vehicles, GAZOOBA is a pioneer in the industry. We can purchase and ship any form of brand new vehicle from Japan to private or commercial clients all over the world. Over the years we have gained a huge reputation in acquiring and selling vehicles to clients around the world. We ship a wide range of vehicles, from classic Sports Cars to Luxury Vehicles, to SUV's and Performance Vehicles to Hatchbacks, Vans & even Trucks. We provide Roll on roll off services, Containerised and Break Bulk Shipping.
We Make Things Easier For You
Gazooba has the reputation of being excellent car exporters. The process is simple, straightforward and hassle free.

1. Select your Vehicle

Choose the vehicle that you want to import and contact us. We will get back to you with a quote in 48 hours.

2. Confirm & Pay

Once we can come to an agreement on the CIF price, we'll send you a Proforma Invoice (P/I). This means that you can go ahead with the payments. You can pay us payment by bank remittance or you can pay us payment by L/C ( Letter of Credit ).

3. Time Frame

In Japan, vehicles are produced after placing order with the dealer. Some vehicles, depending on your color and specifications (extras) choice, can be arranged from a ready stock. In case it is not in stock, the production time is around 45 to 60 days.

4. Vehicle Shipping Process

After this we will confirm the shipment.The vehicle will be packed in container or RORO Vessel, two days prior to vessel departure. Once ship leaves Japan, we will send a Email to you confirming vehicle has been shipped.

5. Documents

If you paid by bank remittance, we will send all the car documents to you by courier, one week after the shipment.
In case you paid us by Letter of Credit, in that case we will hand over all the documents to the bank. Our bank will forward documents to your bank who will hand over to you in your country.
To find out more about importing a brand new car from Japan, simply CLICK HERE to email us, or call us at +81-99-800-3334. We look forward to hear from you.