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Container Vanning

Container Vanning & Stuffing

Correct container stuffing allows you to pack more in a container and transport your cargo more safely. GAZOOBA can advise you on suitable procedures to ensure you choose the most effective stuffing method.
Give your cargo the best treatment, the GAZOOBA TREATMENT and ensure it arrives in perfect condition.
To avoid problems such as cargo overflow or wastage of space, it is essential for shippers to have a stuffing plan before cargo is loaded into the container.


Generally speaking, a 20' container can hold as much as 28-30 cbm or 980-1,060 cu.ft., while a 40' can hold about 56-60 cbm or 1,980~2,110 cu.ft. The actual Loading Internal Capacity of a container depends not only on the dimensions of the cars but also on the competence and experience of the stuffing personnel. GAZOOBA is proud of its Container-Stuffing-Professionals who take it personally, when it comes to safely loading your precious goods.


Besides the cargo's measurement, the stuffing plan should also take the weight into consideration. It is important to note that in many countries the permissible weight limits for road and rail transportation are lower than the maximum payload a container can afford.
Shipping cars in containers requires careful planning and execution. No two loading plans are alike. Each one is customized for every car to ensure no damage occurs during international car shipping.
Our experienced team at GAZOOBA can load cars, motorcycles, parts, pallets, boxes, and household goods into shipping containers. When you ship in a container you also have the ability to place items inside the vehicle without any extra charges.
Our experienced logistics team are the ones who make the difference. They understand your needs, and strive to exceed your expectations. When it comes to shipping, our loading team holds unparalleled knowledge to safely operate and load any type of vehicle.
Join the thousands of dealers and end buyers who trust our service to move their vehicles around the world.
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