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Direct Shipments

You don't trust your car to just anyone...and neither do we.
Our goal has always been to offer the best auto transportation services for our customers at the most competitive rates. We also believe in transparency - we want you to know and understand exactly what the car shipping industry is about and what it can do both for you and to you.
Shipping a car can be a stressful experience, and we want to minimize that stress as much as possible. This is why we offer free, comprehensive quotes to all our customers, with absolutely no obligation to book. We believe that customers should get the best experience available and this is why we work hard to provide relevant content and information on our website, so you can understand every aspect of your shipment from start to finish.
We offer transportation services for any vehicle, regardless of size or weight or condition and provide international auto transportation services to all the destinations overseas.

Why People Choose GAZOOBA For Their Auto Shipping

Instant Quotes
Email us the car pick-up address, type of vehicle, and your destination country & port and get an instant quote for your shipping needs.
Picking Up Your Vehicle
GAZOOBA does it all. Our driver comes straight to your door and picks up the vehicle, and then delivers it to the shipping port where it waits until the shipping documents are ready, then it leaves by the first available ship.
Locked-In Pricing
The price we offer is the price you pay for your car transport. No additions, no add-ons, no catch.
Ship Any Car, Anywhere
We can ship anything on wheels to anywhere in the world.
Open or Enclosed
Transporting your car on an open carrier is cheaper because it is more widely available through our fleet. However, some clients prefer their valuable car to be shipped via containers. GAZOOBA offers both Ro-Ro & Container shipping.
GAZOOBA can get you Car Insurance during the transit for safe delivery to your destination port.
When shipping a vehicle from Japan, documentation is the most difficult part. Your vehicle's number plates need to be cancelled and returned to the Registration Office, Registration Certificate needs to be converted in to Export Certificate, Custom Clearance at Japan port needs to be done to ensure the car is not reported as Stolen, Inspection needs to be done to prove car is free from any Radio-Active-Material, other inspections may be required depending on the destination you ship the vehicle to, shipping documents to be prepared to help loading the vehicle on the ship, and after the car has left Japan port, Bill of Lading, Insurance Policy Certificate, is to be collected on your behalf. These documents are required at the time you clear your vehicle at the destination port in the overseas. GAZOOBA not only ships vehicle on your behalf but also prepares all documents required.
You can contact us any time with your Auto Shipping needs. Feel free to email us or call us to speak directly to our staff.
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