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FAQ & Support

Who can buy a car from GAZOOBA?

Whether you are an individual buyer or a dealer, you can purchase a car from GAZOOBA through online. If you are currently in Japan, you can also visit our office and buy used car of your choice using our online buying system and we can help in exporting vehicle on your behalf to your desired destination. If you are in overseas, GAZOOBA will help you purchase your car and have it delivered to your destination.

Why is it better for me to buy from GAZOOBA instead of just me buying the car directly from other dealers or exporters?

One of the reasons is that you are the international buyer, and when purchasing from a dealer or car exporter, there is no guarantee that he will be honest with you. Also he will have to sell you the car as retail, and in some cases dealers can charge you sales tax and recycle fee. If we will close the deal for you, we will buy that car as a wholesale unit, we do not charge you recycle fee or any sales taxes. Note that Sales Tax in Japan is currently 8% and soon going to increase to 10%. This means you are saving straightaway 8 to 10% on the sales tax alone.

Do you accept cryptocurrency?

Sorry we do not. We accept payment in Japanese Yen and payments can be made easily by credit card or bank wire transfer.

Will I lose my deposit if I don't win the car?

No. If you don't win the car, deposit will stay on your account and you can use it for your next purchases. In case you would like us to refund it, we will do so with no questions asked. We will return the money that has been credited to our account after deduction of bank charges and we make a refund of payment after paying bank remittance fees. So far, no one has asked for a refund.

How will my car(s) be shipped?

By Ro-Ro or Container shipping.

Why buy from GAZOOBA?

Our unique approach is centered upon providing customers with the lowest price vehicles and the best car buying experience. Through transparent and fully verifiable, best-in-market pricing in an open, friendly, low commission, no sales tax, no recycle cost, no hassle environment, GAZOOBA makes its guests feel empowered and effectively eliminates the unpleasant stigmas associated with the typical used car buying & importing experience.

What if you couldn't find the vehicle i am looking for?

If you can't find it in Japan, it does not exist. Through our auction buying system, you have access to 1 million cars a month, we are pretty confident you can find what you need. If for some reason, you are unable to find the exact type of model of car you require, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will do our best to get the perfect vehicle for you with your specifications.

What other fees are these besides the purchase price?

Unlike some other used car dealerships, GAZOOBA doesn't believe in over-charging our customers with hidden fees. Any additional fees will be clearly listed on your purchase order and explained to you upon purchase. Since we are buying vehicle on your behalf from auctions, auction fees will apply. Plus transportation fee to the port, FOB charges, documentation, ocean freight to your destination, insurance, and if mandatory by your country laws, the pre inspection cost. We charge our clients a fixed commission for our services. No recycle fee. No sales tax.
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