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Left Hand Drive Cars

GAZOOBA, your Left Hand Drive sourcing expert
We specialize in offering huge savings on new, nearly new or old & classic left hand drive cars from auctions and car dealers throughout Japan. We have formed relationships with LHD car dealerships and stockists to offer you heavily discounted left hand drive cars at reasonable prices.
If you live in a country where people drive cars on the right side of the road, or are moving abroad to a LHD region, you may well want to consider importing a left hand drive. In that eventuality a left hand drive car will clearly make life abroad a lot easier.
Japan is a right hand drive country, but it allows people to own and drive even the LHD vehicles. That is why one can import a LHD cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volve, Mini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota, Lexus, to name a few.
We aim to make this process of LHD car buying and importing very simple. Generally we aim to provide access to auto auction houses in Japan to choose their car from, but we are happy to look at any client's specific requirements or advise on the way forward.
Feel free to talk to us and provide more details about the vehicle(s) you are interested in. It helps to quote accurately and ensuring we find you the right car.
We can help in converting a right hand drive car to left hand drive but we do not. Our clients' safety is more important that simply making business. In the Japanese cars, the firewalls are specifically designed and dedicated to only one type - either RHD or LHD. This reality makes Japanese cars much more difficult to convert since the only way to do a professional job is to remove the entire RHD firewall and replace it with a LHD firewall. This costs big money. Moreover a small mistake in the conversion can be fatal. Your life, and the life of your loved ones is as precious to you as it is to us at GAZOOBA. The safety of our clients demand that we do not engage in exporting a converted steering car, nor accept conversion tasks from our clients. The best is to buy an original factory produced LHD drive car and there are plenty of options available in Japan.
Let GAZOOBA help you find your desired LHD dream car.
You can reach us by Email, or call us at +81-99-800-3334. You can also contact us by whatsapp, viber or LINE at +81-90-8832-6621.
GAZOOBA, your ultimate choice for LHD vehicles from Japan.