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Mail Delivery Vehicles for USA

Mail Delivery USA
Right hand drive jeeps and vans are the best choice for Mail Delivery in USA and one can import such vehicles even if they are less than 25 years of age.
All such vehicles imported to US from Japan must thoroughly be examined and certified by a Registered Importer. Such Registered Importer must be familiar with the rules and regulations pertaining to import of such vehicles from Japan because all such vehicles need to conform the safety and emission standards of US.
On the other hand, any vehicle whether it is a Jeep or a Wagon, or a MPV, as long as it is 25 years old, it is very easy to import with relaxed importing procedures.
People drive cars on the right side of the road in US while the steering wheel is on the left side. Mail men and women, who deliver mail have to step out and into their vehicles an awful lot. It is dangerous to drive against the flow of traffic. In order to stay on the same side of the road as the traffic direction and simultaneously be able to stay in the vehicle and put mail in the mailbox, the drivers must have a right hand drive vehicle, i.e., a vehicle with a steering wheel on its right side.
With right hand wheels one can even get out of the vehicle straight onto the sidewalk without stomping through mid road slush & mud.
GAZOOBA helps you find any vehicle you seek for Mail Delivery in USA. We give you access to all used cars available for sale in Auto Auction Houses in Japan. With access to 1 million cars a month, you are sure to find the vehicle of your choice. GAZOOBA will bid on your behalf and deliver it to your destination in USA.
Feel free to discuss your car needs with us. One of our team members will listen to all your needs and help you make the right decision. The more info you have, the better decision you can make.
We look forward to hear from you.
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