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Pre-Export Inspections

Pre Export Inspection
Prior or pre export inspection of used cars is when the country where you are exporting your shipment to, requires that the shipment be inspected prior to it departing the Japan port.
Many people aren't even aware that such services exist in Japan. An independent vehicle inspection is literally a hands-on vehicle inspection by someone with automotive experience who acts as your representative. A vehicle inspection will cover a vehicle bumper to bumper, door to door and roofline to tires. Your potential vehicle will get driven, all options will be tested, and a thorough mechanical inspection will be done. Once the inspection is completed, a written report on the vehicle's condition is issued, and you will know whether you are getting a solid used car, or buying someone else's problems with more costs to be spent on repairs.
We can arrange pre export mechanical inspections and quality assurance report on behalf of all our clients all over the world.
Pre shipment inspections are performed by third party contracted private organizations. In most cases, importers can select from a short list of these organizations when planning inspections. However, sometimes one firm is appointed to carry out inspections for a given country on an exclusive basis. The following is a list of the most widely used private organizations for pre export used car inspections in Japan:

JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center)

New Zealand, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia.

JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute)

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Mauritius, Australia.



EAA (East-Africa Automobile Agency)

Required by Tanzania, Uganda.

QISJ (Quality Inspection Services Japan)


VCA (Vehicle Certificate Agency)

Other inspections include the following and all can be arranged by Gazooba on behalf of our valuable clients all over the world:
Gazooba can take care of any or all inspections whether it is mandatory by your country of import, or as your personal choice for your peace of mind.
Feel free to Contact Gazooba for all your automotive pre export inspection needs.